How to be a Member

Thank you for your interest to become part of PCCI – Makati City.

We have developed various membership programs and facilities to match your business needs, irrespective of the size or interest of your business venture.


Accomplish the Membership Application Form and submit together with the following documentary requirements:

• SEC/DTI Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (submission every 5 years)
• Latest copy of General Information Sheet (GIS)
• Latest copy of Business Permit
• BIR 2303 Certificate of Registration
• Company Profile
• Passport-size photo of the primary and alternate representatives
• Company Logo (high resolution)
• Check payment representing your company’s application fee and membership dues for one year

* Annual submission of Business Permit

Qualification of a Member

  1. Owns a legitimate business entity or the business / company is legitimate
  2. The representative should be the decision maker in the company; or one in the higher
    management team
  3. The company and member / representative should be in “Good Standing” in the society and the
    organization (e.g. not involved in any unscrupulous practices)
  4. The member / representative should be willing to share their talents and expertise in their field
    / industry to keep the organization always vibrant, relevant, and sustainable
  5. The member / representative pays the membership dues