We exist to solve the global food loss problem through fostering innovation and developing deep technologies to create resource-efficient food systems.

By 2030, we want the Philippines and the ASEAN Region to have Food Supply Chains that are transparent, traceable, flexible, and sustainable through our collection of Post Harvest loss Data, our commitment to continuously innovate deep technologies, and the mass adoption of our solution(s).

Executive Summary
AniTech is a B2B Agritech Company that develops and leverages Deep Technologies such as Nanotechnology, Internet-of-Things, and Analytics to create Supply Chain Solutions that will reduce food loss, and create flexible Food Supply Chains, and enable countries to become providers of world-class quality produce. AniTech provides Agrifood Suppliers & Enterprises with actionable data on storage quality and spoilage rate through our smart sensor systems & platform so that they can monitor their operations remotely, avoid mixing spoiled batches with fresh batches, and make real-time supply chain decisions to reduce spoilage by at least 5%. AniTech has developed a Storage Quality Sensor (SQS) System, which can monitor four key environmental conditions that affect plant growth, and the Food Quality Sensor (FQS) System which measures shelf life and food contaminants and a platform where businesses can access their data. Both sensors are combined with an IoT system, so you can access your data in real-time through our platform and give automated notifications to users via SMS and weekly summary reports. AniTech is the first Philippine startup that provides actionable food loss data from production up to the post-harvest stage of the supply chain as well as disrupts the status quo of investing in bulky, expensive, & localized equipment and the act of doing invasive testing, running them in a lab, and sending reports several days later. AniTech is seeking investments to become a data-driven, research-driven, infrastructure-driven, and people-driven enterprise. It will help AniTech achieve its goal of becoming a frontrunner in two areas: (1) Provider of Food Supply Chain Solutions and (2) Manufacturer of Nanotechnologies.

Products & Services:

  1. Storage Quality Sensor (SOS) System
  2. Food Quality Sensos (FQS) System
  3. Storage Quality Dashboard
  4. Storage Quality Dashboard (Heat Map)
  5. Food Quality Dashboard
  6. Food Loss & Waste Dashboard

Business Information
Ms. Gillian Santos – Founder & CEO
Ms. Daniel Torres – Co-Founder & Business Executive Officer

Start-Up/Business Name: Anihan Technologies, Inc. (AniTech)
One-sentence description or tagline:
AniTech is an early-stage startup that measures storage quality & spoilage rate through remote smart sensors and provides fresh produce growers & distributors with the information that they need to maintain freshness and ultimately reduce food loss.

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Business Address: Rockwell Center, 5/F Phinma Plaza, 39 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
Date of Incorporation: November 10, 2021
Financial Information:

  • We’ve raised US$6,800 from equity-free prize money from startup competitions
  • Pre-Revenue (Proof of Concept/Pilot Testing Stage)