About Us

Was founded in 2014 Metro Manila.
4 subsidiaries:

  • LFJOY Travel and Tours
  • LFJOY Teahouse
  • LFJOY Foundation
  • LFJOY Global Consultancy Solutions

4 branches, 2 operation center with a total of more than 200 employees.

The FASTEST growing real estate company in Manila.

We are planning to open 50 branches in next 10 years, and with more than 700 employees. Based on high quality services and brand advantages, LF JOY will build a comprehensive service platform covering various industries and regions in the Philippines.

Social Responsibility

We love, We share

Growing up in a foreign country, LF JOY received many supports and helps from all Philippines, we also have the greatest goodwill to the society and give back to the society as much as we can.

Jindi Hong – Vice President

Office Address: Century Spire Tower, Century City
Contact Number: 0995-1576113
Email Address: irenehong19@gmail.com
Website: www.lefang.ph