Extramind F&A Outsourcing, Inc. 

Extramind is a business consulting and outsourcing company committed to deliver consistent superior quality services to its clients. With the full integration of finance and accounting outsourcing capabilities with its consulting business, Extramind is able to provide full scope of solutions to its clients. Thus, creating more value to shareholders and building competitive business advantage for its clients. 

Extramind offers the following services: 

A. Finance and accounting outsourcing 

                 – Bookkeeping and general accounting 

                  – Functional and transactional accounting services 

B. Business and finance advisory 

C. IT consultancy 

D. Tax services 

E. Audit and assurance 

Company Information

Address: 4th Floor, Miriam House, 151 Legaspi Village, Makati City

Telephone Numbers:  +632.8486562  +632.8927154

Website: www.xmindoutsourcing.com

Email Add: infodesk@xmindoutsourcing.com