Discovering  New Ways in Achieving Success!

      Discovering New Ways in Achieving Success!

We are truly in an interconnected world. We see and read in a flash what happens in any continent in the world, and in any region in our country the Philippines.

Communication Prophet Marshall McLuhan is right. As early as 1964, he declared that we have become a “global village.” Everyone is like in one place around a bonfire, sharing stories with one another!

We cannot downplay the great significance of this launching of the PCCI-Makati Website! From here on, we will be discovering new ways in achieving success together beyond our wildest dreams!

Our website truly and officially establishes our Online Presence and Influence. People and organizations outside us at PCCI-Makati, from anywhere around the world, can interact with us. Our organization will no longer be limited by time and space. Even from the remotest corner in Alaska, or from the physically inaccessible mountain in Afghanistan, an Alaskan woman or an Aghan freedom fighter can connect with PCCI-Makati!

Some may say we are quite late in launching our own website. But, in my view, we have perfect timing! At no chapter in the life of Humankind has online communication become so important, acquiring crucial significance, during this time of the Pandemic.

In a deeper sense, this Website and PCCI-Makati’s Online Presence brings a dazzling ray of hope to people in lockdown, to seniors in forced confinement, and to anyone who wants to break free from the four corners of a room – to join the vast cyberspace where we can all meet, pray, play, buy, sell, and activate the physical transport of food and entertainment.

Let this Website be our Cyber World, where we can explore options for business and leisure – and where we can discover and re-discover the wonders of working together, surviving together, and winning together.

We can – and we shall -- transcend our current constraints. When this is all over, our businesses and relationships can pick up momentum to shape a bigger, vaster, and brighter tomorrow!

PCCI-Makati President