“The Comprehensive Motorshop”

Centennial Auto Services Inc. was established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission 30 years ago on October 24, 1986. Genuine commitment for excellent quality service that would for a hundred years is what it’s 100% Filipino incorporators wish for the shop, hence the name Centennial.

The shop is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry’s National Accreditation Board as a 4-Star Automotive Repairing Shop, the highest accreditation category given to the qualified shops, whose line of expertise is exclusive to automotive repairing. Five-star shops cater to dealership and sale of brand-new vehicles. That is why Centennial pride itself at par of even better than the upscale and more expensive “casas”. Facades, marble floors and fancy fixtures cannot bring a car back to its original condition from a major collision, but personalized attention, competent and experienced skilled workers and state-of-the art equipment do.

Most owners love their cars so much, that blindfolded, they can identify every inch of their cars because they caress them most of the time.

Thus, for those car owners and enthusiasts who cannot settle for anything less than the comprehensive motorshop to look after their prized cars, Centennial is here to stay for the next seven decades.

By the way, Centennial also caters to 24/7 Towing and Roadside Assistance.

• 24/7 Towing Service
• Comprehensive Automotive Services
• Automatic / Manual Transmission
• Engine Overhaul / Replace
• Engine Cooling
• Auto Axle / Transaxle
• Brakes/Suspension
• Clutch / Steering
• Electrical / Air-Conditioning
• Body Works / Exhaust
• General Rehab / Refurbishing
• Collision Damage Repairs
• Aluminum Works
• General Painting
• Preventive Fleet Maintenance
• Auto Detailing
• Insurance Claims Assistance
• LTO Registration Assistance
• 24/7 Roadside Emergency Assitance
• 24/7 Towing Service

Business Information
Mr. Mario Castillo – President
Office Address: 1380 P.Ocampo St. Cor Caton St. La Paz, Makati City
Contact No: 8896-1771 / 8899-2030
Email Address: centennialauto@yahoo.com
Website: www.centennialauto.ph