Company Profile

As an organization, we believe in contributing to society through the empowerment of people by unlocking their inner confidence one exceptional service at a time.

This exceptional service is achieved through ….

LAY BARE CARE the driving FORCE in achieving all internal and external goals of the organization. It is that extra ounce of LAY BARE love beyond what is simply written in a job description. It is HUMAN, it is PERSONAL, and it is SINCERE.

It is a be-all and end-all of everything that is seen, felt, and conveyed in all of Lay Bare’s words and actions. It is about 100% COMMITTED CARE to the customer in every single, solitary moment of their experience.

It is energy that will serve every execution by permeating through every aspect of our purpose.

LAY BARE is the premier waxing expert in the Philippines. We offer hair-removal services from bow-to-toe using all natural ingredients.

At Lay Bare, we want to inspire beautiful skin as well as beautiful days through our products and services.

Our ultimate goal is to empower both men and women to look and feel their best to become brave and confident.

Branch Address: 6B Cypress Gardens, Rufio St. Makati City
Tel No.: 8847-3119
Cellphone No.: 0917 8655854
Representative: Simone Marie “Monique” Hilario – Owner
Nature of Business: Hair Removal Services